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Scout Network organises itself around three central themes - international, community and adventure. Members organise their own programme, forming smaller interest groups for activities.

As a core structure, there’s a monthly online campfire where we do what all Scouts do at a campfire - tell stories. Stories about expeditions, big camps and events that might be interesting to fellow members. 

Then every six months, there’s a weekend face-to-face moot. A moot is like a mini-Jamboree, just with Scottish Borders Scout Network members and a programme of Scout stuff.

What else?

Scout Network is just that - a network at a local Scottish Borders level, integrated within a network at SE Scotland Region level and at UK national level. The emphasis at the higher levels is dissemination of ideas and information about opportunities that any UK member can apply to participate in.

Scout Network members wear the adult Scout leader uniform with a Scout Network uniform badge. The uniform consists of a stone coloured blouse or shirt, a necker and blue trousers or jeans. There’s also an optional soft shell jacket.

There’s no charge for membership, but members share the cost of participating in activities.

Scout Network Concept.png


Scout Network is not like the junior sections. In Scout Network you build relationships with lots of folk. The strongest of these will be with the people with whom you share interests.

You’ll help organise and participate in activities with like minded individuals. It won’t be the same folk all the time and you’ll be focussing on skills and knowledge that you want to build.

Since there’s no weekly meeting, you join in with what you want and give the time you have available amidst all your other activities.

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