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Challenge yourself!

In Scouts, you can earn prestigious awards.

At the very top, there’s the Queen’s Scout Award.  As a Queen’s Scout, you’ll join an elite band of people who have demonstrated personal organisation, dedication to learning and a love of exploration. 

You’ll have built your skills and knowledge outwith the schools and formal education system. You’ll have learned skills for life.

Be the top!

If you’re committed to your Colony, Pack, Troop, Unit and Network and engage with the activities, you'll earn the top award for your section. 


Sure, you’ll have to put in personal effort and initiative. That’s what makes you special. But your leaders will craft a programme that helps you every step of the way.


While you’re working towards your top Scout awards, you’ll also qualify for the various levels of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.


And for those more ambitious, there’s the Explorer Belt and the Scouts of the World Award. Those take your achievement to a pinnacle with a 10-day foreign expedition and deep learning about global citizenship.

Progressive Awards.png

Be prepared for life!

In gaining top awards, the activities you undertake at every level will prepare you for life. Your achievements will make you feel confident about your abilities. But you won’t be alone. You’ll make friends and work closely with others. You’ll enjoy taking responsibility and learn to adjust when things don’t go to plan. Top Awards will give you a ‘wow’ that will carry you onward.

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